Perro Semihundido – Half-buried Dog – A beloved work by Francisco de Goya (seen from beyond…)

Half-buried Dog (Perro Semi-hundido, in Spanish) is one of the names usually given to this painting by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes. It shows the head of a small dog looking upwards to something invisible to the viewer. The dog itself is quite lost in the vastness of the rest of the image, which is […]… Continue reading Perro Semihundido – Half-buried Dog – A beloved work by Francisco de Goya (seen from beyond…)

A Painting with Soul: ‘Morning After II’ by Alyssa Monks

I recently posted a fragment of this oil painting by Alyssa Monks –Morning after II– on my personal blog (here. I’m also using it now as a header pic for my “posts page”, with a touch of green and violet added), but I am sure Ari would have posted it differently; better than me; like… Continue reading A Painting with Soul: ‘Morning After II’ by Alyssa Monks

Red Shoes for men (and of course, women and everyone else)

I feel that this post -like so many others- belongs in here as well.


A hesitant digression about gender variability and fluidity

Gender roles and conventions have annoyed me all my life, especially since I have never clearly known what my gender was and is. I’m serious; I more or less assumed a sexual identity (I’m physically a male and this fact was acceptable to me, with some reserves and many peculiarities and deviations), but I deeply ignored my gender until I understood –or perhaps decided– I had none and, thus, I was agender. Anyway, this was still wrong…

Being physically masculine in the essential bits, and with a general look somewhat more masculine than anything else, I tended to adopt publicly a gender expression which was more masculine than feminine, neutral or whatever it could be. (I won’t talk about my sexual orientation(s) because I do not need to within the scope of this post.)

Anyway, my surroundings were peculiar and puzzling to…

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Xan mo ilo! – Eat my heart!

Xan mo ilo, kamlale! Pale si ma e zhivindi jag… These are Rromani words meaning “Eat my heart, my beloved ones! While I still keep the flame of life…” So why do I want my heart eaten?… How?… By whom?… To the first –rhetorical– question my answer is simple: because I need love now beyond… Continue reading Xan mo ilo! – Eat my heart!

The Price is Love

… It always was and still is. And you always paid lavishly! So, I am completely sure you have got now all you lacked here. Including “him”. [In memoriam Ari Fontrodona ] – – – – [The images come from Charlie Chaplin Picture Database – these ones were scaned by Cineteca di Bologna as part… Continue reading The Price is Love