Last-ditch Effort

Tomorrow is “La Diada de Tots Sants” here in Catalunya –exactly the same as All Hallows’ Day or All Saints’ Day for most Irish, British and American people–. Right now is its eve here, and I am thinking of my own dead ones and burning candles in their memory. One in particular is still sprightly alive in my mind (not just today and tomorrow, but every single day), and this peculiar illustration by Joey Remmers goes to her and to friends of her, because it makes me think of a girl grasped and entangled by an illness she could only defeat letting herself fall down (or up). This is what this upsetting illustration suggest to me, even if the painter was trying to depict quite the opposite… I don’t know.

Anyway, I see this ash-blonde girl just about to jump and part.


Last-ditch- effort_ ret adj2_mag
Last-Ditch Effort, by Joey Remmers (somewhat repainted by me…)


❤ !!


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