Keine Wörter benötigt

Photographer Dave Bowman is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography. From his series ‘Tainted Earth‘. To see Dave’s body of work click on any image. Birkenau Auschwitz Poland, 2011 See also: […] via Engulfed By Solitude & Sadness In A Place Of Unspeakable Atrocities | Auschwitz & Birkenau Concentration   Camps —… Continue reading Keine Wörter benötigt

Where Angels Go

Today, now, is Christmas Eve and I feel the need to recall my sister (not that I do not recall her every day, but today is special) and also make a post for her, on her own blog. So here you are, my dear; some edited pics according to your taste…: and there you go… Continue reading Where Angels Go

Life as a Transsexual in Barcelona

“Barcelona is a liberal city with a vast community of gays, transgenders and transsexuals. It is a colorful microcosm in which it’s easy to lose oneself”, writes Paola de Grenet at the beginning of her excellent portofolio Life as a Transsexual. I will add that it is a microcosm to which is also easy to… Continue reading Life as a Transsexual in Barcelona

A Pictorial Tribute (II) – Delvaux’s ‘Ari’ better explained and illustrated

Originally posted on INVISIBLE FORMS:
In a post here, and also in my sister’s blog, from past January 18th:  «A Pictorial Tribute – Delvaux’s “Ari”, and a sort of family portrait» , I commented on the resemblace between the young woman in red depicted by Paul Delvaux in “Rosine” (oil on canvas from 1968) and my…

The Price is Love

… It always was and still is. And you always paid lavishly! So, I am completely sure you have got now all you lacked here. Including “him”. [In memoriam Ari Fontrodona ] – – – – [The images come from Charlie Chaplin Picture Database – these ones were scaned by Cineteca di Bologna as part… Continue reading The Price is Love

Canfranc as Part of Benoît Sokal’s “Syberia” – Or Kate Walker in the Pyrenees

At last, after years of laziness and elusion, I have played the PC-game that my sister always recommended me to play: Syberia; both parts. I have to apologize to Ariel for not having done this while she was still here, to be able to tell her —with frank enthusiasm— how pleasant and deeply absorbing these… Continue reading Canfranc as Part of Benoît Sokal’s “Syberia” – Or Kate Walker in the Pyrenees

Before Crossing the Dark Veil into the Light

In Loving Memory of Ari Fontrodona – Called to meet the Father (or Mother), and our own parents, on August 13th – 2016. May she be in Grace and perfect happiness, as she always intended —and often accomplished— in her earthly life, in spite of everything. When she named this blog SOMETHING BEYOND, she really… Continue reading Before Crossing the Dark Veil into the Light

Beautiful “bad hair” & A deep insight by Arthur Schopenhauer -lover of cats

No need to comment much about the dishevelled hair above and below, the bandana or the associated posts on Polyvore. This is an irrelevant post to almost everybody except the poster himself… but I like it 🙂 About Arthur Schopenhauer —who was a detestable misogynist, but a perfect genius anyway— I just feel like bringing… Continue reading Beautiful “bad hair” & A deep insight by Arthur Schopenhauer -lover of cats