Girl in Wonderland – A Delightful Illustration

“Boundless” by Yuumei

Just look at it and get stunned. It’s drawn by a Chinese person of great talent, and I’m lost for words to express my admiration toward her.

(To see the image in full resolution —and it’s worth the time; it’s a must—, you may go here.)

She explains about herself:

“I grew up in a small apartment in China and was raised by my grandparents. When I’m not studying or doing homework, I would go into the office/storage room where all the books are kept and flip through all the books about animals. The photos and illustrations of all the different species always fascinated me and inspired me to learn, understand, and draw the world around me. It gave me a glimpse beyond the rundown apartments and the grey skies of China that I grew up in. Even though the storage room was no bigger than a bathroom, with those books, the walls opened up and the world became boundless.”

I bow down before these words :)!


Boundless by Yuumei
Boundless (by Yuumei)

(I wish my sister had watched this work of art… She would have become enthralled, and very glad, and she surely would have shared it promptly —as I am doing now.)



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