Three years of ‘Something Beyond’

Three long years have passed since Ari F started this bog with a hopeful project in her mind. She had time to publish only a few introductory pages and six posts from 2015/11/06 until 2016/01/07, but left many drafts more or less complete –which I edited, sometimes finished, and published for her in her name. Many of… Continue reading Three years of ‘Something Beyond’

Last-ditch Effort

Tomorrow is “La Diada de Tots Sants” here in Catalunya –exactly the same as All Hallows’ Day or All Saints’ Day for most Irish, British and American people–. Right now is its eve here, and I am thinking of my own dead ones and burning candles in their memory. One in particular is still sprightly… Continue reading Last-ditch Effort

Ghostly girl come from nowhere, crossing the street

[These are reshaped and repainted images after an original illustration by Franco-American artist Pascal Champion that touched a very deep fibre inside my heart, as something I have actually seen, and continue to see at times…; or almost; so, I had to adapt it a bit more to my own inner vision. I also had to post it here rather than in any of my own blogs – Li F]


Ghostly_girl_street_crossing_after_p_campion-esc 631 cl t-170 s-7 cl rev 4
Ghostly red-haired girl crossing the street under a heavy rain (reshaped and edited by LiF after an artwork by Pascal Champion, 2016)



Ghostly_girl_street_crossing_after_p_campion-esc 631 cl t-170 s-7 ret cl rev i 1
Ghostly bluish girl crossing the street under a heavy rain (after an artwork by Pascal Champion, 2016)



Again in the private Wonderland of Yuumei

I am following as well as I can the artwork by this Chinese girl of great talent (Yuumei (Wenqing Yan)); and I’m lost for words to express my admiration toward it. Since I do not have much spare time for blogging, either, I won’t comment much on the particular illustrations I present. Instead I will… Continue reading Again in the private Wonderland of Yuumei

Another portrait from Beyond

This one goes with a little purple glow in the eyes, as I figure she may show now, while she moves within eternity, like the dreams. And again, as I use to, given that these are portraits of an Angel, I recall verses from R. M. Rilke’s “Duineser Elegien”: “… Und jene, die schön sind,… Continue reading Another portrait from Beyond

Portrait from Beyond

Originally posted on INVISIBLE FORMS:
Some portraits remain in the memory no matter how long ago they were taken. To me, this is one of them. It tells me, and reminds me, of perfect beauty seldom seen before or after. It is a picture of an angel, gone but still very present. Truly memorable. (Even…

Keine Wörter benötigt

Photographer Dave Bowman is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography. From his series ‘Tainted Earth‘. To see Dave’s body of work click on any image. Birkenau Auschwitz Poland, 2011 See also: […] via Engulfed By Solitude & Sadness In A Place Of Unspeakable Atrocities | Auschwitz & Birkenau Concentration   Camps —… Continue reading Keine Wörter benötigt

Twelve Pictures of Beauty and Sweetness, month by month – 1 (January)

Earthly & Unearthly Wintershine – In loving memory   ©LiF The header image is an ‘icier’ and more outlandish variation of the same shot – Somewhat less detailed due to my edition, but very pretty as well (even angelic, or so I appreciate) – Lixie F 🦄 No unauthorised copying or redistribution. All Rights Reserved.