Ol’ Friendly Mirrors

Mirrors may be foes as well, specially at youth. But when they were nice and reflected our expectations, some hot self-love aroused, and at some point youngsters – girls, boys and all between – felt very much like taking pics –they did so even long ago– to show them to someone especial. Or to everybody,… Continue reading Ol’ Friendly Mirrors

Life as a Transsexual in Barcelona

“Barcelona is a liberal city with a vast community of gays, transgenders and transsexuals. It is a colorful microcosm in which it’s easy to lose oneself”, writes Paola de Grenet at the beginning of her excellent portofolio Life as a Transsexual. I will add that it is a microcosm to which is also easy to… Continue reading Life as a Transsexual in Barcelona

Déjà vu, déjà vécu – A Humble Defence of Hentai Manga

I like manga, and now also hentai manga (yaoi-oriended), because I find in it some illustrations very difficult (perhaps impossible) to see elsewhere. Twenty-five, and more, years ago nobody could draw a teen girl showing her “pee” like this one here… No way; no possible public acceptance. Boys could be gay, could be effeminate, could… Continue reading Déjà vu, déjà vécu – A Humble Defence of Hentai Manga

YHWH as HWHY – A Bi-gendered Deity for Jews, Christians and Muslims?

Just read this afternoon with great interest: “The four-Hebrew-letter name of God, which scholars refer to as the Tetragrammaton, YHWH, was probably not pronounced “Jehovah” or “Yahweh,” as some have guessed. The Israelite priests would have read the letters in reverse as Hu/Hi — in other words, the hidden name of God was Hebrew for… Continue reading YHWH as HWHY – A Bi-gendered Deity for Jews, Christians and Muslims?

Ari’s Fashion (II) – Transgender & Queer Pride

Some of the informal outfits and fashion sets that Ariel never posted, but liked and wanted to post and/or buy – or had already bought. I post them now for her, here and on her page on Polyvore – Li Fontrodona Wear it at school -the flats and the shorts, the earrings and bracelets…-; do… Continue reading Ari’s Fashion (II) – Transgender & Queer Pride

Another special post: a recommendation and a plea – On Gender Variability


After trying to call your attention, two days ago, to an article in The New York Times about politics and human rights in my native country -Catalonia-, I feel now the urge to publish this short note about National Geographic‘s latest special issue: GENDER REVOLUTION.

Certainly I do not want to convert this blog of mine into a kind of social network wall; but these two instances seem justified to me. Even more this present one, which I am posting in the first place for my late sister’s sake (who was a transgender kid and teen herself, decades ago, in much less favourable times for all of them, wherever they lived). I do it also in my name, since I have my own, different, gender issues (I am non-binary, agender and queer, and in an earlier epoch of my life, androgynous or bi-gender and fluid… Oh, yes, all of…

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