Nane tsoxa – I’ve no skirt

[First posted in November 29th, 2016. Reblogged now, out of nostalgia, after listening to this music again. To the few who still follow this blog and were not here back then, in 2016, I just recommend to enjoy the nerve of the music, the spell of the Rromani language, the flare of a person now… Continue reading Nane tsoxa – I’ve no skirt

Life as a Transsexual in Barcelona

“Barcelona is a liberal city with a vast community of gays, transgenders and transsexuals. It is a colorful microcosm in which it’s easy to lose oneself”, writes Paola de Grenet at the beginning of her excellent portofolio Life as a Transsexual. I will add that it is a microcosm to which is also easy to… Continue reading Life as a Transsexual in Barcelona

Déjà vu, déjà vécu – A Humble Defence of Hentai Manga

I like manga, and now also hentai manga (yaoi-oriended), because I find in it some illustrations very difficult (perhaps impossible) to see elsewhere. Twenty-five, and more, years ago nobody could draw a teen girl showing her “pee” like this one here… No way; no possible public acceptance. Boys could be gay, could be effeminate, could… Continue reading Déjà vu, déjà vécu – A Humble Defence of Hentai Manga

Xan mo ilo! – Eat my heart!

Xan mo ilo, kamlale! Pale si ma e zhivindi jag… These are Rromani words meaning “Eat my heart, my beloved ones! While I still keep the flame of life…” So why do I want my heart eaten?… How?… By whom?… To the first –rhetorical– question my answer is simple: because I need love now beyond… Continue reading Xan mo ilo! – Eat my heart!

Before Crossing the Dark Veil into the Light

In Loving Memory of Ari Fontrodona – Called to meet the Father (or Mother), and our own parents, on August 13th – 2016. May she be in Grace and perfect happiness, as she always intended —and often accomplished— in her earthly life, in spite of everything. When she named this blog SOMETHING BEYOND, she really… Continue reading Before Crossing the Dark Veil into the Light

Angry, Surly and Revolted (but much in Love) – Ari’s Fashion (XII)

Dressing more or less this way, yes: oversized clothes (two sizes over), no underwear, a lot of makeup and nail polish, and no words for anybody. Heck you all -especially You-! Ari Fontrodona – (Very long ago… :/) – Surly and Revolted, but much in Love by ari-shej featuring blue denim jeans – Save