Three years of ‘Something Beyond’

Anniversary 3x

Three long years have passed since Ari F started this bog with a hopeful project in her mind.

She had time to publish only a few introductory pages and six posts from 2015/11/06 until 2016/01/07, but left many drafts more or less complete –which I edited, sometimes finished, and published for her in her name. Many of the late posts, however, are wholly mine, with the only restriction of being somehow related to my sister’s life, pictures, ways and likes.

I didn’t recall this anniversary, but I was notified some days ago by WP:

“Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 3 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.”

She cannot “fly” with “them” here anymore, but surely flies higher and better elsewhere, in even better company.

To humbly commemorate this date I have been thinking a lot and essaying several illustrated greetings (including some that will possibly come to light sooner or later), and chosen a hot one among them, because Ari was hot and bright as sunshine, both in her heart and in a physical way (a close friend even renamed her so: Sunshine). So, I am quite sure she would like, as homage, to see her name and online nickname written with very sexy letters like these that Malika Favre designed to illustrate a recent English edition of the Kama Sutra by Penguin Books:




Now: Happy Word Press anniversary, dear Ari F / Arishej !! Some loved you in many ways, very heartily; many faked to love you in this particularly intimate hot one (much as I doubt that you ever tried a couple (in fact three) of the postures shown just below…, but you were very elastic, so, who knows ? I also wonder how many, or how few, did you ever truly love among your partners… I recall your varied answers to this, but I am not sure you ever told me the raw truth.)







To those interested (or fully captivated !) by Ms. Favre’s work, I add the whole English alphabet she designed, which kindly displays not just heterosexual intercourse but homosexual one (like in G and L) — Since Ari was, as I am (and legions are), a member of the LGBTQI+ community, Favre’s artwork has seemed to me even more appropriate.


M Favre - Kama Sutra
Malika Favre’s Kama Sutra Alphabet


This artist has also created another complete alphabet (Alpha Pin Up) exclusively with feminine figures; not so openly sexual (they are mostly dancing, kissing and playing soft sex between them like in some cabaret shows; topless and bottomless, with high heels and long gloves and stockings –like Ariel had to appear so often when doing this same work in a time–; depicted in softer pastel colours, which Ari would have liked even more than the fire-like red and yellow of the Kama Sutra. (Anyway, these are the colours of our Catalan national flag, as I have felt like showing in the header of the post : ))

Here you are the elegant A from this second set:

For Ari and all her fellow dancers


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