Three years of ‘Something Beyond’

Three long years have passed since Ari F started this bog with a hopeful project in her mind. She had time to publish only a few introductory pages and six posts from 2015/11/06 until 2016/01/07, but left many drafts more or less complete –which I edited, sometimes finished, and published for her in her name. Many of… Continue reading Three years of ‘Something Beyond’

Nane tsoxa – I’ve no skirt

[First posted in November 29th, 2016. Reblogged now, out of nostalgia, after listening to this music again. To the few who still follow this blog and were not here back then, in 2016, I just recommend to enjoy the nerve of the music, the spell of the Rromani language, the flare of a person now… Continue reading Nane tsoxa – I’ve no skirt

Where Angels Go

Today, now, is Christmas Eve and I feel the need to recall my sister (not that I do not recall her every day, but today is special) and also make a post for her, on her own blog. So here you are, my dear; some edited pics according to your taste…: and there you go… Continue reading Where Angels Go

Post in Celebration: Some strayed “Music for Ariel” – From great joy to greater sorrow

Yesterday I realized that this blog was started by my late sister in November 2015 (two years, and a bit more than a week, ago). I missed the congratulation badge sent here from WordPress:   To celebrate it, I will rely on coincidence (a post on Peter Greenaway by an Irish acquaintance of mine), on… Continue reading Post in Celebration: Some strayed “Music for Ariel” – From great joy to greater sorrow

Some of my Heroines… and a Little Hero

–This is a very fragmentary draft left by Ariel, and I do not feel capable to complete it beyond the few notes I have added to this moment –mostly to make it understandable and more or less presentable–. The subject and the fictional characters Ariel chose are so deeply hers that any tentative I could… Continue reading Some of my Heroines… and a Little Hero

Xan mo ilo! – Eat my heart!

Xan mo ilo, kamlale! Pale si ma e zhivindi jag… These are Rromani words meaning “Eat my heart, my beloved ones! While I still keep the flame of life…” So why do I want my heart eaten?… How?… By whom?… To the first –rhetorical– question my answer is simple: because I need love now beyond… Continue reading Xan mo ilo! – Eat my heart!

Some more Sculptures from The Stratton Institute’s Collection “Dalí Universe”

Being the continuation of a first post on this same blog:  ‘Hommage à Terpsichore’, after Salvador Dalí – Faceless Beauty This collection was conceived in 1977, and the first sculptures were cast in 1984 —five years before the artist’s death—. It is beautiful and often spectacular, but I don’t believe it was wholly designed by… Continue reading Some more Sculptures from The Stratton Institute’s Collection “Dalí Universe”

Angry, Surly and Revolted (but much in Love) – Ari’s Fashion (XII)

Dressing more or less this way, yes: oversized clothes (two sizes over), no underwear, a lot of makeup and nail polish, and no words for anybody. Heck you all -especially You-! Ari Fontrodona – (Very long ago… :/) – Surly and Revolted, but much in Love by ari-shej featuring blue denim jeans – Save

Ari’s Fashion (IX & X) – (Two sets with white dresses)

Despite her love for sprightly colours, Ariel always liked to wear white dresses. She had few, but wore them often (when she still wore dresses, since lately she was quite more a shorts & t-shirts’ girl). No more comments from my part about the outfits, aside from saying that the “Animale Gardner” dress featured in… Continue reading Ari’s Fashion (IX & X) – (Two sets with white dresses)