Another portrait from Beyond

This one goes with a little purple glow in the eyes, as I figure she may show now, while she moves within eternity, like the dreams.

And again, as I use to, given that these are portraits of an Angel, I recall verses from R. M. Rilke’s “Duineser Elegien”:

“… Und jene, die schön sind, o wer hält sie zurück? Unaufhörlich steht Anschein auf in ihrem Gesicht und geht fort.”

“… And those who are beautiful, who will hold them back? Ceaselessly, appearance rises in their faces and goes away.”

(Rainer Maria Rilke – “Duineser Elegien”; II, 23-25 – English translation by L. Fontrodona, 2018)

[If you like, you may read a few lines of Rilke’s First Duino Elegy (also on Beauty and Angels), both in English and German, on this older post here: Should I fear a dreadful Angel?]


ARI 41-2007
A purple touch on the dearest person in my world – and the prettiest angel in heaven


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