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If you want to contact me, you will find me at

Si em voleu dir res, també ho podeu fer en català, occità o francès a l’adreça electrònica de més amunt.

Vi-hakjarav e Rromani chib dósta mishto. Gadja zha shereste!

En español, aragonés, portugués y demás lenguas romances también podéis escribirme sin mayor problema.

[My sister Ariel left us on August 13th due to complications derived from the treatment against cancer she was receiving. While cancer did not kill her (even if perhaps it eventually would), chemotherapy did.

However, if somebody wishes to post any words for her or in memory of her, the blog will remain open permanently under my personal care and administration; everything will be read by me, and answered if necessary or opportune.

My most heartfelt thanks to the few persons who liked and commented some of the entries on this site !]

Te soves mishto phejorri, zhikaj dikhav tut maj jekh djive ando amaro Rromano Rraj. Te feril but tut o Del, kamli jagorri, chirikli andar cheristar! Pijav ke jakha!

Linus Fontrodona