Three years of ‘Something Beyond’

Three long years have passed since Ari F started this bog with a hopeful project in her mind. She had time to publish only a few introductory pages and six posts from 2015/11/06 until 2016/01/07, but left many drafts more or less complete –which I edited, sometimes finished, and published for her in her name. Many of… Continue reading Three years of ‘Something Beyond’

Before Crossing the Dark Veil into the Light

In Loving Memory of Ari Fontrodona – Called to meet the Father (or Mother), and our own parents, on August 13th – 2016. May she be in Grace and perfect happiness, as she always intended —and often accomplished— in her earthly life, in spite of everything. When she named this blog SOMETHING BEYOND, she really… Continue reading Before Crossing the Dark Veil into the Light

Ari’s Fashion (IX & X) – (Two sets with white dresses)

Despite her love for sprightly colours, Ariel always liked to wear white dresses. She had few, but wore them often (when she still wore dresses, since lately she was quite more a shorts & t-shirts’ girl). No more comments from my part about the outfits, aside from saying that the “Animale Gardner” dress featured in… Continue reading Ari’s Fashion (IX & X) – (Two sets with white dresses)

It’s a Magical World indeed

 [This is a posthumous post -as every other one published here by Arishej after August 13th, 2016-. It was published, almost exactly a year ago: 31st december 2015, on a social network, as a New Year’s greeting . It’s well worth a re-posting now when we are close to begin a new year.] There is… Continue reading It’s a Magical World indeed