“La Senyera Catalana” – The oldest national flag in the world

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Dating from 1238, and kept in L’Arxiu Històric Municipal de València, this is the oldest national flag in the world, among those still in use. And it is the flag of my little homeland: Catalunya.

The Pennon of the Conquest (Catalan: Penó de la Conquesta) is the flag raised by the Moors of Valencia, Spain, on September 28, 1238 on the tower of Alī-Bufāt, later called Torre del Temple, to indicate their surrender to the troops of king James I of Aragon. We know about this episode from the quote entered by the king himself in his Chronicle: “We were in the riverbed, between the gardens and the tower; and when we saw our flag upon the tower, we dismounted from our horse, and heading eastwards we cried from our eyes and kissed the earth for the great mercy God had made…

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6 thoughts on ““La Senyera Catalana” – The oldest national flag in the world

  1. Very interesting!!!! I always like to learn about different countries and cultures……being a part of Spain notwithstanding, I imagine Catalunya as a peaceful, serene country full of wonder in itself…..

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    1. Thanks 🙂 But we became a part of ISpain exclusively by the “right” of conquest in 1714, after a long war. Certainly, we are mostly a peaceful, serene (and weird) country, incarcerated inside that painful nightmare called España.
      (Did you know that Ari chose Andorra to settle in just to eventually obtain a NON-Spanish passport?… -one more thing she never attained, poor Ari…-. She was sick and tired of being considered from a country that her and all of our family deeply abhorred -and we still do-.
      Big hugs, John ! 🙂 I’m glad to meet you again – Best wishes !!

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      1. I did not know that specifically, but I did know that Ari was tired of being in Spain and was hoping so much for independence from there…..I am sorry she did not get to see it through before she passed……she would have been so overjoyed to finally have the big, bad wolf off her back and be able to enjoy life in her homeland without being considered Spanish in any way…..Hugs back to you my friend!!!! Best wishes to you as well!!!!

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        1. “The big bad wolf” is a most adequate description of España… LOL. From the times of the second Inquisition (which was specifically recreated against us -as much as against Jews and Moors) the “Wolf” has been biting our arse while emptying our pockets, censoring our language and trying -with some success- to eliminate it… For instance, the fourth translation of the Bible into a vernacular tongue was made in Catalan and printed in València in 1478 (quite before the English and Spanish versions, and just after the German, Italian and Dutch versions), but forbidden and burned to the last copy in 1483… Bibles burned by Catholics, just because they were in Catalan :-/
          Spanish Inquisition also forbade (and efectively eliminated) Romani in all its territory (and colonies).
          As a Philologist, Ariel had very strong motives to dislike the fierce, greedy and envious Wolf…

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        2. I really hate that you all had to be subjected to that kind of treatment, essentially being held hostage financially, socially, and even religiously and spiritually by such a rather inhumane regime in what is really a very beautiful and peaceful homeland. Spain has smothered what is a great culture, and leave it to the Catholic church to decide languages….each country has its own version of the Bible, linguistically speaking…..I really do wish the church had practiced a “live and let live” mentality throughout the years…..I certainly understand why Ari did not like the “big, bad wolf”……..

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