It’s a Magical World indeed

 [This is a posthumous post -as every other one published here by Arishej after August 13th, 2016-. It was published, almost exactly a year ago: 31st december 2015, on a social network, as a New Year’s greeting . It’s well worth a re-posting now when we are close to begin a new year.] There is… Continue reading It’s a Magical World indeed

I am transgender. So, am I a weirdo…?

I bet that many, if not all, trans persons have been called ‘weirdos’ (or an equivalent term in their own tongue) some times in their life. Well, I have been; so much that I learned to like the word and, even more, the concept itself. Here there is a comic strip by Bill Watterson that… Continue reading I am transgender. So, am I a weirdo…?