Another portrait from Beyond

This one goes with a little purple glow in the eyes, as I figure she may show now, while she moves within eternity, like the dreams. And again, as I use to, given that these are portraits of an Angel, I recall verses from R. M. Rilke’s “Duineser Elegien”: “… Und jene, die schön sind,… Continue reading Another portrait from Beyond

Where Angels Go

Today, now, is Christmas Eve and I feel the need to recall my sister (not that I do not recall her every day, but today is special) and also make a post for her, on her own blog. So here you are, my dear; some edited pics according to your taste…: and there you go… Continue reading Where Angels Go

Archangels, still… And some imposing Seraphim from Late Romanesque

“Ecce ego mitto angelum meum ante faciem tuam” (Marcus, 1: 2) [“Behold, I send my messenger before thy face”] There are some splendid representations of angels from different orders in the presbyterium area of the Norman Cathedral-Basilica in Cefalù, Sicily (Duomo di Cefalù). They were made in mid-12th century by unknown masters in the technique of… Continue reading Archangels, still… And some imposing Seraphim from Late Romanesque

The Price is Love

… It always was and still is. And you always paid lavishly! So, I am completely sure you have got now all you lacked here. Including “him”. [In memoriam Ari Fontrodona ] – – – – [The images come from Charlie Chaplin Picture Database – these ones were scaned by Cineteca di Bologna as part… Continue reading The Price is Love

Angelic Eroticism

A personal view about an Angel by Francesco Jerace One of my favourite sculptures representing overtly masculine angels is a marble group by Francesco Jerace, located in the Cappella Greco at Cosenza, Calabria, Italy. It is known as Fanciullo Morto e Angello (Dead Boy and Angel) and was made in 1900. The grace of the Angel… Continue reading Angelic Eroticism

Some more Sculptures from The Stratton Institute’s Collection “Dalí Universe”

Being the continuation of a first post on this same blog:  ‘Hommage à Terpsichore’, after Salvador Dalí – Faceless Beauty This collection was conceived in 1977, and the first sculptures were cast in 1984 —five years before the artist’s death—. It is beautiful and often spectacular, but I don’t believe it was wholly designed by… Continue reading Some more Sculptures from The Stratton Institute’s Collection “Dalí Universe”