Some Special Smiles Preserved

Spanning from 2002 to 2014, these are some very special smiles from a girl who smiled a lot. (Quite a few others, as pretty as these, may be found scattered on diverse posts and pages of this blog.) I have added precise dates and a few personal captions and comments.


To smile back compulsory

7th May 2014 – Just happy and beaming

7th May 2014 – Truly happy

To begin to laugh with joy

16th June 2012 – You are my Sunshine!

To tenderly kiss the screen of your phone, tablet or PC

March 2005 – Exquisiteness, candour, goodness and loveliness (not hiding a deep yearning)

A tiny smile & a hypnotic glance. Pure spell

AriF_m_0074 - make up sample 1 ampl filtbr 2-2 ret
October 2007 – The very seed of a smile, or just a coming kiss?

To feel quietness and believe in transcendence

Quiet contemplation


PS: I deeply know she was beautiful, and I feel glad, despite my mourning for her, to have preserved her glance and her charm in many pics for a long, long time to come.

Li F – 2018

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