Where Angels Go

Today, now, is Christmas Eve and I feel the need to recall my sister (not that I do not recall her every day, but today is special) and also make a post for her, on her own blog.

So here you are, my dear; some edited pics according to your taste…: and there you go with your first and truest platonic love, with whom I do hope you are having much fun and dancing whenever you wish, to the End of Time.

Will meet you anyday.

💜 💝 💖


Angel and her guide, not moving away, but leading the way from a certain distance:

CCMT filtbr 2-30 4bl 2 mg REV Pink H
Leading the Way – Mod 4 (Arwork by Li Fontrodona after “Modern Times” last scene)

(Artwork by Li Fontrodona after
Leading the Way – Mod 3

[All arwork is by Li Fontrodona after Chaplin’s “Modern Times” last scene as depicted below.]

This is the original screenshot I have been using:

CCMT 4746920_orig
Charlie Chaplin & Paulette Goddard – “Modern Times” last scene (1936)

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