Post in Celebration: Some strayed “Music for Ariel” – From great joy to greater sorrow

Yesterday I realized that this blog was started by my late sister in November 2015 (two years, and a bit more than a week, ago). I missed the congratulation badge sent here from WordPress:

Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 2 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.


To celebrate it, I will rely on coincidence (a post on Peter Greenaway by an Irish acquaintance of mine), on error (a post related to the former that, long ago, I wanted to publish here and did it on my personal blog instead) and on reparation (reposting this very post here on SOMETHING BEYOND, which is and was the righ place, along with the few other “musical offerings” I made, and with some minor changes and corrections).

So, here is this post I’m talking about (I beg you to not be lazy and really listen to the music (at least, the piece by Nyman); you will probably feel thankful…)  :

Music for Ariel – Two minimalist pieces of genius

1 – For Joy Exuberant, Unutterable Merriment; Great Fun and Sprightly Laughter – the bliss of having had you close:

Michael Nyman – “Chasing Sheep is Best Left to Shepherd”(from the film “The Draughtsman’s Contract” by Peter Greenaway, 1982)

[Performed by the Michael Nyman Band, directed by Michael Nyman from the piano.]

And also here below, with less quality of sound but with the original scenes of the film (really brilliant and exhilarating too! Do not miss them if you love yourself; there are more than enough exciting thrills and vibrations in this video to get you through any bad day, or week, or even longer… Some may not like the recording because of the edgy sound, but in my opinion, that’s where part of the vivid energy comes from. And moreover, a repetition –or many– always becomes good music):



2 – For Sorrow, Solitude and Obsessive Nostalgia – the silent anguish from the loss:

Philip Glass – The Hours (from the soundtrack of the film “The Hours” by Stephen Daldry, 2002)

A little annoying paradox is what happens to me when listening to this music: the piece by Nyman makes me promptly cry; especially if I think of Ari dancing it (wonderfully!… –to get an idea, just look at the heading portrait and try to see her dancing, jumping, laughing and sharing the grace she was gifted with).

On the other hand, the soundtrack from “The Hours” (all of it) leads me to a serene introspection, not devoid of hopes of meeting her again before long… Perhaps because this music bears a clear sense of expectancy; the presage of something which is going to happen at any moment.

My feelings –my love, above all– abide in full, intact, always ready.

💙 💚 ❤ 💛 💜

[Post originally published on INVISIBLE FORMS – December the 3rd, 2016]

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