‘Swept Away’ and other recent Illustrations by Inslee Fariss

[Post originaly published on INVISIBLE FORMSwith minor changes and without a final  illustration added now]

– “Swept away”, by Inslee Fariss (2017) [look below], makes me think a lot of my sister, who was also daring and silly enough to wear a short raincoat like this, with bare legs to the top like this, under the heaviest storm. No matter if a gust of wind blew her skirts up and her umbrella away. She wouldn’t blush; but, maybe, cover her face with her hands and laugh –as if she did–, and then run after the umbrella with a grace that any eventual viewer would remember for long. Oh, yes!… she was a sweetie, a cutey and… really, one of a kind! (And her legs were unforgettable, as some of you may already have noticed somewhere else 🙂)

4- April_ swept-away-unframed-large
Swept Away (“April” from Inslee-2017 Calendar)

“Girls’ Best Friend” links my thought to a friend of Ari and mine, with love, since she –Donna– is her doggies’ best girlfriend – and a sweetheart too:

9 September-girl's best... unframed (3)-large
Girl’s Best Friend (“September” from Inslee-2017 Calendar)

“Winter Frolic”“Bundled up” and “Vespa” bring to me nice memories of Ari, also. She lived more than a decade in Andorra, where winters are cold and snowy; she had a dog, she had a pair of red high boots, she went skating with some frequency, and she rode a small motorbike (not a Vespa, but black and quite similar to one, anyway).

I add “Go Picnicking” for reasons of order and simmetry, and because it is equally nice –all of Fariss’ sketches are!– , but I cannot relate it with Ari since she would very rarely wear a long dress like this.)

[If you have enjoyed these designs, you may be interested to have a look at a previous post “Fashion Sketches by Inslee Fariss – Pretty girls, prettier puppies and much joy all around”,  –also directly inspired by Ari.]

You may also go directly to the Autor’s website. It is very extensive and plenty of great pictures: drawings, watercoulors and photographs (do not miss her Sketch Book there!) I recommend it heartily.

(In case you are still doubting wether to follow the links, I will add a postscript):

A tempting bonus

Here you have a few more watercolours by this artist — these are five years older, and I have found them just now on her page:

Monsoon Season (Inslee Fariss, 2012)

And now look at this colourful leg parade, also from 2012:

blog_legs-WEB1 (1)
Colourful ‘tights-with-heels’ legs

💙 💚 💛 💜 !!

And now another last hour sketch as a homage to my sister, who was a dancer and had “The Nutrocker” among her favourite all time ballets…:

In Ariel's memory
Untitled (by Inslee Fariss, 2012 – watercolour on paper)

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