A Pictorial Tribute (II) – Delvaux’s ‘Ari’ better explained and illustrated


In a post here, and also in my sister’s blog, from past January 18th:  «A Pictorial Tribute – Delvaux’s “Ari”, and a sort of family portrait» , I commented on the resemblace between the young woman in red depicted by Paul Delvaux in “Rosine” (oil on canvas from 1968) and my younger sister, Ariel/Ari. I wrote: “this tall, slim girl with the red hat and the fan looks very much like Ariel. As a matter of fact, quite a few women in Delvaux’s paintings of the two last decades have a noticeable resemblance of my sister, but that one in “Rosine” is just ersatz (at least, seen –as is the case– from the side and a little from behind)”.

Until a few days ago I did not add the link in the original text quoted above (it leads to a photograph that somewhat justifies the liking I am talking about)…

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