The Last Nice Picture

I have only three drafts left to correct and complete for posting on this blog before taking a break in August 13th. I do need a break. I think as well that Ariel herself would want me to stop and rest –at least with respect to this blog of hers.

This is not a draft left by her: just a picture I took near her home in Andorra one autumn, not long ago. As far as I can recall, it is the last nice picture I keep of her before her final illness. Nobody was allowed to take pictures of Ariel once she began to decay and become shabby (in fact there are some…; but all of them are sad and, of course, not shareable).

This one below is beautiful to my eyes (is lovely); so I post it in four different magnifications because I can’t decide which one is the most adequate, doing more justice to her very especial and serene glance. Seen this way, the pics look a little like a zoom into her smile, sweetness and youthful appearance (well past her mid thirties), and her enthralling look; as sweet as it was:



Kamav tut, phejorri !

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9 thoughts on “The Last Nice Picture

    1. Thanks for the feedback, John 🙂 I agree with you, and, in fact, used pic 2 for the header.
      (I also managed to turn the pale pink lips-gloss she wore into the precise shade of blue I’m wearing lately :-)) Hugs!

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    1. Thanks a lot, dear 💕. It’s a nice blue, but everybody freaks out a lot in this smallish village seeing a person with blue lipstick … (“ain’t him the brother of that newcome girl with purple hair and yellow sunglasses??… Where’s she gone, btw…?”)

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  1. I always told Ari that I would have loved to have seen any picture of her, even after her illness. I tried to lift her spirits with this and reassure her that real friends would not have cared about what the cancer had done to her. However I did respect any decisions from her and even you that if she did not want them shared, I would not force the issue. Regardless of what our physical housings known as our bodies look like, it is the heart and soul that makes people who they are, and she had some of the most beautiful of both……=)

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    1. I absolutely agree with you, bro. I recall we talked about this same matter soon after she passed away, and I thought already then like you. Anyway, she was obsessed with this; much more about her face, and her skin than in anything else, since she kept a splendid slim figure. near the end, she was improving and changing her mind. went around more summerly dressed and confident. she even went to swim a couple of days. But we made no pics, since she begged us not to do so, until she had recovered much more. She shot herself some clumsy selfies (including “hot” selfies), but they were and still are her utmost privacy, John, dear !

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