A Painting with Soul: ‘Morning After II’ by Alyssa Monks

I recently posted a fragment of this oil painting by Alyssa Monks –Morning after II– on my personal blog (here. I’m also using it now as a header pic for my “posts page”, with a touch of green and violet added), but I am sure Ari would have posted it differently; better than me; like almost everything she did and shared 🙂

So, here it is the painting again –on Ari’s own blog–, with its pinkish and truer colours, better framed and with better resolution. It was painted in 2014, and it’s manifestly a masterwork.

To me, it does not represent a morning after love. Rather: sadness, absence; someone (very dear) lost, and a time (a morning) that will not come back anymore.

[Let me, please, add that I do live a “morning after” very often, almost every day, and that they are never clear, warm, peaceful and cosy; I am either absent (already gone) like the invisible mate here, or, more often, having a nightmare…, or wholly awake, feeling lonely and looking displeased at the ceiling. Maybe one day I will be sleeping snugly again long into the morning like this fortunate woman painted here. I wish I could.]

Alyssa Monks is an American painter, born in New Jersey, 1977.

No unauthorised copying or redistribution. All Rights Reserved.

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8 thoughts on “A Painting with Soul: ‘Morning After II’ by Alyssa Monks

  1. It just has that feel about it…..a woman laying by herself, with her back turned toward the side where her partner was…..kind of like does she know her partner has left, if only temporarily? It doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone in particular, however we could all put ourselves in this situation…..=)

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    1. I see. Yes! But I feel good vibes from that painting. So good that it makes me feel sad for what I do not have. I tried to express this personal, subjective, loss.
      The woman sleeps in peace here (she’s the painter, btw). Her partner has got up and is away for some time, but the title suggests that the night has been nice. So I appreciate. Big hug, dear John 🙂

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