Fashion Sketches by Inslee Fariss – Pretty girls, prettier puppies and much joy all around

I have recently discovered these nice drawings that Ariel collected in her PC — She used to save hundreds of fashion items, outfits and designs, and also made her own —very good ones—; but these sketches by Inslee Fariss are especial. I do like many of them, and I understand why my sister loved them (since she had ninety-three in a folder 🙂 )

There is great talent shown here for sure. I’ve been an art dealer for many years and I’m good at appreciating style and exquisite craftsmanship. (*)

So, please, have a look.

(The last picture, more than an actual fashion sketch, is a particular message to a friend of mine and Ariel —the pink placard, the pleated white skirt and the red shoes go for you, bro.)







(*) The only arguable flaw would be that all Fariss’ girls are a bit too slim or even skinny – but that is what fashion imposes, doesn’t it? (I’m right now on a regime myself, not being a girl, for this very reason; to try to look a bit more attractive to the indoctrinated others! And my sister almost starved herself for more than a decade, despite being naturally tall and slender :/ )

10 thoughts on “Fashion Sketches by Inslee Fariss – Pretty girls, prettier puppies and much joy all around

    1. Thanks heartily for the comment, Nicole ❤ ✨ !
      Having read right now that you are a fashion lover, I will send to you a link to my next post (soon) with sketches by this wonderful designer and illustrator (Inslee Fariss) 🙂 I do like much to draw outfits and create my own fashion as well, and you may find some additional posts about this on this very blog if you want. Best wishes !

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