Before Crossing the Dark Veil into the Light

In Loving Memory of Ari Fontrodona – Called to meet the Father (or Mother), and our own parents, on August 13th – 2016.

May she be in Grace and perfect happiness, as she always intended —and often accomplished— in her earthly life, in spite of everything.

When she named this blog SOMETHING BEYOND, she really knew what she meant! … Perhaps she was already contemplating it through the window and curtains that distant day, twelve years ago.

[Photos taken in her own apartment in Barcelona in March-2005 – I will show the complete pictures shot that day in another post, since they are very good and even captivating by the model’s merit :)]

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The same photo in the original colours, in full resolution:


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9 thoughts on “Before Crossing the Dark Veil into the Light

        1. That’s true. But also the other way round: she became prettier before a camera. Always (if she was at her ease with the photographer, of course). She enjoyed much to pose, because of having been despised for so long for being a kind of freak, etc. I also knew this feeling when for a time I followed the line of David Bowie and other queer artists… I mean, when you are comfortable and sense that you’re liked, then some beauty comes out from inside, from the soul. And this is the beauty that others appreciate most: the real beauty. It shows in the eyes and the smile and all over your skin.
          Being liked makes you pretty; being admired, makes you admirable… That’s the secret 🙂

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