A Kissy Girl

These two following posts, saved as drafts on Polyvore nine months ago, and posted now here by me (with some pain), were made by someone in love; as she noticeably wrote.

I’m glad that, in the end, her intended recipient did to me part of the harm he would have done to her in due time. She died thinking he was his shining future, and that’s just fine (upsetting as it may seem to me now).
It is fair that she never experienced once more a bad relationship in her life. Not being deceived and feeling despised again by a person who, most probably, did not love her; perhaps, not mattered a darn about her, either.

Have a glace at this whenever you have doubts about how a woman in love does feel. How hopeful and happy she may be, even when approaching her forties…

Bed Time (1) – Kiss Me Goodnight



Bed Time (2) – Kiss You Good Morning 🙂

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