Beautiful “bad hair” & A deep insight by Arthur Schopenhauer -lover of cats

No need to comment much about the dishevelled hair above and below, the bandana or the associated posts on Polyvore. This is an irrelevant post to almost everybody except the poster himself… but I like it 🙂

About Arthur Schopenhauer —who was a detestable misogynist, but a perfect genius anyway— I just feel like bringing to mind the beginning of his masterwork: Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung”:

»Die Welt ist meine Vorstellung:« – dies ist eine Wahrheit, welche in Beziehung auf jedes lebende und erkennende Wesen gilt.

Which is a truth —as he stately states with his own words above— valid in relation to every living and discerning being.

Yes. And Ariel, as well as I, agreed with him.

(As for Schopenhauer’s love for cats, I will say something later on. I promise.)



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