A Variation on “Showing off Long Legs” – Made for boys

I think this mod is better -it is also cheaper- than the original set: it is super cheap 🙂

Does anybody wish to make a comment? Does anybody opine that boys may aspire to look cute, dressing chic and girl-like?… Shouldn’t boys (and grown men) dress like they feel like dressing, disregarding all social prejudices and gender stereotypes?

As a matter of fact, both this outfit below and the previous one are adequate for both genders (even if this one is more boy-fitting with respect to the top) -and for anyone wishing to show off their style (and their legs!!)


A Variation on “Showing off Long Legs” by ari-shej



10 thoughts on “A Variation on “Showing off Long Legs” – Made for boys

  1. I’ll surely comment about this, Ari ! 🙂
    (It’s a wonder to find all these things you designed and wrote about fashion and clothing ! I just adore your sweetness and intelligence. I think you were a witch, a fairy and and angel. You’re Lovely.)

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    1. Oh! You’re dearly welcome! ✨ !!
      But please, understand that Ari is not here anymore. This is Li, her brother; I’m trying to keep Ari’s blog and, so, her memory, alive, since I’ve not already accepted well her passing, last summer.
      I’m sorry if this may sound a bit weird to you :-/ It’s just that she was fond of this blog and I am managing it now according to her drafts left and her affections in general.
      Many thanks for being here and kindly commenting 🙂

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        1. So Glad to meet you again, bro 🙂 !
          I’ve been a bit in a mess lately – not entering here , but writing. I’ve found an editor for Ariel’s translation od Romani poetry :))))) But also my ex-partner’s dad died last week, and she loved him much… He was a good man, and I have been very sad as well

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        2. I am so sorry for your loss. Please pass my condolences along. My weekend hasn’t been the best either, however I am in the process of entering a new blog post as we speak. I should have it done in the next few minutes. I am glad you found an editor, I am sure they will love her work!!! I hope everything gets better for you….keep up the good work, we all love looking at Ari’s posts and what she had to share with those who truly loved her. Take care of yourself…talk to you soon bro!!! =)

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        3. Will answer you (and read your post) tomorrow, bro. Itps almost 6 am here, and I’m not yet in bed (probably because I have nobody waiting for me there since long ago :-/
          Big warm hugs! See ya tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!

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