Ari’s Fashion (XI) – A Summer Night’s Fancy

A caprice of mine in pink & mint, with fireworks, never seen shoes, lovely skirt and jacket… and one Hindu prince at my side, smiling and holding my hand 🙂
(May I add that that Prince couldn’t ever be (unfortunately!) Prince Dakkar -Captain Nemo, for those who do not recognize the name-…? I wish it was him, but I respect immensely his everlasting fidelity to his dead wife! So, some other prince, handsome like I assume he was, learned in many languages old and modern, and able to play J.S. Bach’s preludes, fugues, toccatas and chorales on the organ; serious and laconic, but sweet, kind, tender-hearted; much older and wiser than me. Equally childlike, when required 🙂
A Summer Night's Dream

I think Ari would have liked to show here one of her favourite “portraits” of Prince Dakkar (aka Captain Nemo). This one comes, of course, from the first Hetzel’s edition of “Les Voyages Extraordinaires” by Jules Verne, that she and I read when we were teens.

Édouard Riou - Nemo. adj ret (2)
Capitaine Nemo, illustrated by Édouard Riou (fragment – the blue shade has been added to the original, drawn in black Indian ink)

Here down there are two nice copies of the Hetzel original editions of the two Verne’s novels that feature Prince Dakkar (they belong to my own private collection):

L'Ile i l'interior de la Caseta 021

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