Ari’s Fashion (IX & X) – (Two sets with white dresses)

Despite her love for sprightly colours, Ariel always liked to wear white dresses. She had few, but wore them often (when she still wore dresses, since lately she was quite more a shorts & t-shirts’ girl).

No more comments from my part about the outfits, aside from saying that the “Animale Gardner” dress featured in the second outfit really seemed just designed for her; it became her like perhaps no other dress she ever wore -even better than the model in the pic, if you can believe me… (maybe because Ari had a whiter skin, closer to the colour of the cloth, or because she was even slimmer, and more ghostly looking, like an angel… I don’t know why, but I’m serious.)

God bless you, dear !

Early Autumn Evening Whim

My Simplest Outfit: thong, dress & vans – Very cool, but not easy to wear it this way in unfriendly environements

You may watch this outfits better, along with her comments about them, on Ariel’s page at Polyvore




One thought on “Ari’s Fashion (IX & X) – (Two sets with white dresses)

  1. Good evening! I appreciate your reblogging of this post 🙂 Anyway, could I ask you, before approving it, your motive -since we do not know each other from before?
    Do not, please, think I’m distrutful; it’s just that I matter a lot about my sister’s memory and legacy (she is dead, but I loved her much).

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