Ari’s Fashion (VI) – A Last Dinner in Perpignan

February 2016

I have collected this clothing and makeup together with some effort and more pain. They are, with respect to the top and the skirt, not exactly the same that Ari wore at that meaninful supper, and I have seeked for very similar ones (her top had a lower cut -almost to the navel-, and her skirt was a little longer. The rest is just as shown (except for a dark blue shoulder bag she wore). She looked gorgeous and got heartfelt compliments from many persons, including the two-starred chef of the restaurant (I’m meaning Michelin stars :-), and an unknown to us elder lady who stopped Ari at the entrance when coming in, and said aloud “You’re so beautiful!!” and then hugged her very tightly (!!)… Wow! That was stunning and I had to tell it somehow, somewhere…

Ariel cried, being deeply moved -in part because she was wearing then a sylvery silken patch over her left eye-socket.

Li Fontrodona

(Ariel’s scanty written words on her diary about this supper -and the rest of a week-end in Southern France- are heartbreaking, and I won’t publish them; only the last few, which I have added also to the Polyvore set.)


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