Ari’s Fashion (IV) – Black & dark grey confidence

Some of the informal outfits and fashion sets that Ariel never posted, but liked and wanted to post and/or buy – or had already bought. I publish them now for her, here and on her page on PolyvoreLi Fontrodona

Dressing this way, these dark colours, being tall and slim (5′ 8.5″, plus 3.8″ heels; 53 kg; so, taller than most men around), I do not feel so insecure and diminished in some places… I use to wear a silver skull and a bright triangle of alert pinned on the jacket too.
The danger is always present, anyway.
Ari F – 2016
Black (& Dark Blue) Shield

Turtleneck top
€33 –

Fringe jacket
€70 –

Givenchy high waisted jeans
€220 –

River Island high heel boots
€53 –

Drop earrings
€21 –

Olivia Burton gold watch
€82 –

By Terry mascara
€40 –






3 thoughts on “Ari’s Fashion (IV) – Black & dark grey confidence

  1. I do hope you approve these posts of mine today, with your words and your fashion saves and drafts, my dear… (I’m adding some bits as well). according to my memories.
    I MISS YOU, sissie !!!!!!!!!!!!!! =((

    Liked by 1 person

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