Ari’s Fashion (III) – Keen & merry & quirky, like me

Some of the informal outfits and fashion sets that Ariel never posted, but liked and wanted to post and/or buy – or had already bought.
I publish them now for her, here and on her page on PolyvoreLi Fontrodona

Since the sweater is long enough to cover my bottom (I bought a large size), this set goes without skirt -which is all right in friendly environments and situations-, with pastel blue-green (or carmine) sneakers. I have worn it this way, and also with black opaque stockings. Other ways I liked were with white flats or sandals, with skirts very short and very long, and of course, with all kind of skinny jeans. At home I wore it with a colourful pair of socks and the bare legs.

Ari F – ❤


I show a different combination with the same sweater and stockings here down (this one goes with a short skirt and white flats. Ideally, both steel bracelets should go around one ankle (but I do not know if they have an opening…) :






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