Ari’s Fashion (I) – Feeling very light and coldly hot

Some of the informal outfits and fashion sets that Ariel never posted, but liked and wanted to post and/or buy – or had already bought.
I post them now for her, here and on her page on PolyvoreLi Fontrodona

A truly light set, both in weight and in amount of cloth. It may well go without the stockings. And of course, no underwear at all makes you feel lighter -and hotter-. The softly hued colours look lovely
[An added comment on the draft:] – Very cute and super-sexy in an simple and ingenuous way -to be worn without a bra!
Ari F – Spring 2016

Feeling Very Light and Coldly Hot

BA SH blue top
€135 –

La Perla thigh high tight
€99 –

BeBop elastic waist shorts
€19 –

Rosantica braid jewelry
€81 –

Deborah Lippmann nail polish
€28 –






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