Ari’s Fashion (II) – Transgender & Queer Pride

Some of the informal outfits and fashion sets that Ariel never posted, but liked and wanted to post and/or buy – or had already bought.
I post them now for her, here and on her page on PolyvoreLi Fontrodona

Wear it at school -the flats and the shorts, the earrings and bracelets…-; do it with pride and confidence, whatever your assigned gender is. I did it in my time, being considered a boy by most -even if not much 🙂 – and I won some battles (I lost many too, but that does not matter anymore).
Ari F – (Winter 2015-2016)


Another -and very classy!- combination with this lovely coloured sweater is with a long, bright skirt like the one I show here down; the high-heeled pumps and the blouse are just nice as well. (The picture comes from the Gucci store.)
(*) The only real issue with these outfit is its price, since the sweater alone (labelled as Gucci Metallic-trimmed striped cashmere and wool-blend sweater) coasted 685 € (!!)


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