… But just a normal couple of youngsters

These two pairs of legs and feet wearing platform pumps in front of a brick wall –I was going to write ‘stonewall’… – belong to a teen t-girl and a non-binary young adult, both with masculine assigned sex, who considered themselves (and actually were) a normal girl and a normal agender person; who were treated by others mostly as two boys –or better said: two weirdos; a more o less quirky fag and a sissy trap–, except when liking them and trying to hit on them (especially, on the “sissy”), and then, they usually became ‘cuties’ or ‘honies’ or ‘darlings’ or whatever nice words suitors could think of… Soon they learnt that transphobia ceases to exist -or becomes much mitigated- when the primitive predatory instincts are at work. Thus, they (especially the t-girl) , as many other trans- or gender-variant individuals, had to rely on that fact just to carry on, avoiding problems –and in a time, like in too many cases here and everywhere, make their living.

In the end, being weird and improper for many, they lived life by they own as they could, one quite aside of society, the other almost completely out of it.

Some more normal young and not so young people – The brighter side

I feel very much like continuing this post by adding some pictures and information about other normal and perfectly sound (physically and mentally) persons, of different ages, which my sister and I found in well-informed articles and reports online and kept in our PC archives just out of empathy and great sympathy toward them. In the captions, or below the pictures, I explain a little more about each one –when I know something– and about the provenance of them.

Photos 2 to 5 belong to Michael Sharkey project “Queer Kids”, a series documenting lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, and questioning LGBTQ youth in communities throughout the United States.

From Sharkey Studio – © M. Sharkey 2016

Photos 6 & 7 also come from Sharkey Studio, belonging to their project “Trans Model Agency” – © M. Sharkey 2016

Photos 8 & 9 come from accounts on Tumblr, and both of them have been divulgated on Pinterest and other websites and social networks (with many different captions, sometimes quite wrong, but mostly well-aimed), I do not put names or ages here; just the concise data I think trustful or somehow relevant.

Photos 10 to 15 come from “To Survive on This Shore – Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender-Variant Older Adults”, an excellent project by Jess T. Dugan and Vanessa Fabbre. I heartily recommend a visit there. Seriously!

© 2017 — Jess T. Dugan and Vanessa Fabbre

A few other normal people on the darker side

These eight pictures below have been found online, on Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest. I won’t bring here the captions they had –some of them, probably spurious–. I just feel like remarking that almost each one of these persons has been called and tagged with the typical derogatory or directly offending terms used within the sex-trade and also by many people outside it (“gurl”, “trap”, “shemale”, “ladyboy”, “chick-with-dick”, “sissy-slut”, etc.)–. Of course, one or two of them might be just cross-dressers without any other gender implication on this, but anyway they deserve respect, and they have mine.

(Maybe I ought to have cropped one of the images, but I am tired of being shy about this kind of fair eroticism.)

[I’m sharing this with my sister’s profile because she had already written some posts here on this line, and had begun two more; one of them with the same title I am using now. She was a transgender girl –and a very nice person–, so she felt deeply involved in this matter during all her life. I’ve selected most of the pictures here –not the first one– according to my own criterion, since she had dozens of them saved and tagged, but very few clearly chosen. I also feel she would have been more daring and, surely, more eloquent and deeper in her comments, but I am doing my best. I wear this subject in my soul and flesh as well, for her sake and for my own one.]

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4 thoughts on “… But just a normal couple of youngsters

    1. So I hope ! That’s my first aim, anyway… But mind you the majority of t-persons have no opportunities whatsoever (look at these kids at the end -the last four here, but most in real life-… This sex-work leaves wounds for life !

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Agreed!
          And about this, I’ve almost heard Ariel’s voice now in my head saying more or less this (in Catalan 🙂 :
          The worst is that all children and all teens are impressionable… No matter if the sexual intercourse is done online in many cases nowadays. It’s not a sound job. It does not empower you, but on the contrary. It only gives you, sometimes, an ephemeral feeling of phony acceptation. It’s a big lie. And it makes you feel dirty and humiliated. To make things even worse, after one has begun online, they almost always end up for real in someone’s bed

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