Pictures from dreams – ‘Soulshine’ (VII)

It goes without saying that I do not take pictures of my dreams (or anybody’s), nor I am a sleepwalker, maybe capable to handle a camera and shot whatever there is around… Anyway I keep a clear memory of some of my dreamt experiences and visions, and I can draw them and paint them; occasionally, I can even edit some previous photographs to make them look very similar to what I have dreamt. The pictures I show here are a very adequate example of this fact.

The one at the header is the closest representation (very close, indeed) of my late sister’s looks as I dreamt of her a few nights ago. The other one below, is an attempt to show the brightness that her face had just after a while, during which she said things I do not remember anymore.

The original pictures are bigger and broader and show more of her, not just part of the face and head, but I have cropped them (not for the first time on this blog…) to match what I recall most vividly; the traits that got stuck in my mind after waking up, and remain there as if etched on stone: the forehead and nose, the eyebrows, and the gleaming eyes. Gleaming, at whiles, to the point of dazzling me and taking me out of the dream (the over-brightness of the picture does not come at all close to represent this, but it gives a faint idea).


The picture at the bottom is a slightly broader and more magenta-hued variant of the heading one, since I have some doubts about the exact shade of violet I dreamt of (it could be -at least in part- ultraviolet, as I have been suggested by an acquaintance knowledgeable on this kind of experiences. Who knows…)


(The Roman ciphers in the title refers to the precise other-worldly colour I saw and have tried to reproduce digitally – ‘Soulshine’ refers somehow to the nickname Ariel was given by a good friend of us: ‘Sunhine’.)

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