A most unusual post, but necessary and unavoidable – Defending Freedom in my homeland

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I do not ever publish about politics on this blog, but I’ll make a flagrant exception today, just on behalf of my fellow Catalan citizens and in defence of my country’s liberties -and democracy itself-, nowthreatened by an incurably totalitarian state as Spain is. (Yes, it is, as it has always been.)

Thankfully, this article by Mrs. Carme Forcadell -the President of the Parliament of Catalonia- has been published today in The New York Times:

Thanks to everybody who matters enough about one of the oldest and most abused colonies still existing within the EU to read about us and try to become informed.

nuvol-i-cadira Núvol i Cadira (Cloud and Chair) – sculpture by Antoni Tàpies, in Barcelona

[The header picture shows an expressive lithograph -also by Antoni Tàpies- called “Journal”, from 1968.]

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14 thoughts on “A most unusual post, but necessary and unavoidable – Defending Freedom in my homeland

  1. I am sorry Ari did not live to see Catalonia’s exit from Spain. I remember seeing an article that brought to light their step toward emancipation from Spain. I definitely pray for Catalonia every day. Thank you for posting this!!!!

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    1. You’re most welcome, my dear friend !! If we make it, I’m certain that Ariel will see and know. And if, on top of this, she really has a new born baby as I dreamt, and the words she said to me are for real up there, I will heal from all my sadness and all of my depression . I’m so glad as to make Ari post kisses and hearts as she loved to do . You were a loyal and loving friend of her, and i’m sure she is somehow looking after you now.
      Thank you so much for caring so much for her, John !! You are a very good man and she should have known of you much before she did

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    1. Mercès de tot cor en nom de la meva germana i també en nom meu! La millor sort per a tu i també per a Escòcia, des de Catalunya :)) Que tots dos pobles siguem lliures ben aviat!
      Una abraçada! (Linus Fontrodona)

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    1. :)) El “Tirant” és difícil, fins i tot per a la gent d’aquí. De tota manera, fixa’t que a l’època que fou escrit, i tot i que Martorell va néixer a Gandia, no hi havia cap diferència dialectal dins la llengua catalana que justifiqui que diguis que el “Tirant” és escrit en “valencià” – Bé, ho pots dir, però, llavors, les “Cròniques” de Muntaner i de Desclot també són escrites en “valencià” (de Girona!!) Hahaha.

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        1. Ben fet! Pel que jo sé, la versió anglesa és prou bona 😉 Què curiós és que l’Ari era una experta en el “Tirant lo Blanch” i en altres obres catalanes d’aquella època… Hauria estat MOLT contenta de saber que un noi escocès havia provat de llegir-lo en catàlà! Fantàstic!
          Jo mateix em vaig quedar ben parat –de fet, flipant!– amb això :-))
          Mercès altra vegada per aquest imprevist contacte.

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