A pretty little church, a thousand year old

In the immediately previous post here about Catalan Romanesque Art, I’ve failed to include some pictures of the churches themselves, where the paintings and sculptures belong. There are hundreds of them -better or worse preserved- in my country and Andorra.

My sister had a bunch of photos and documentation about 67 churches, hermitages and monasteries kept in her computer archives; mainly about those which have some notable wall paintings or architectural decoration. However, the one I choose to show now here is a very minor one, without any art work preserved in it -except the church itself and its beautiful sorroundings.

Ari posted a photo of it on July 19th 2016, less than a month before her passing, with these comments:

“One of the many small Romanesque churches near my present residence in El Solsonès, Catalunya. This is one of the cutest (and sexiest; at least to my eyes).”

“It’s also a magical place, silent and peaceful, and very cool inside. Ideal for meditation. It uses to be so lonely, that I’ve dared to make a few hatha-yoga sessions there 🙂 ”

[Ermita de Sant Serni del Grau – Guixers (Solsonès) – XI or XII century]:

Ermita de Sant Serni a Guixers
Sant Serni del Grau (Guixers, Solsonès, Principat de Catalunya)

Sant Serni del Grau (Guixers, Solsonès, Principat de Catalunya)

I wish vey much to add that Ari also spent a couple of nights sleeping under the oaks just behind the church -without a tent or anything else than a light sleeping bag and a steadfast will to feel and take advantage of the healing vibes of the place…

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4 thoughts on “A pretty little church, a thousand year old

  1. Crec que l’adjectiu perfecte per descriure-la és “bufona”, no? A mi m’ha vingut aquest mot al cap de seguida, i feia anys i panys que no l’utilitzava!

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      1. Com molts d’altres mots, malauradament! A més, molts d’ells tenen aquesta virtut de sonar casolans i afectuosos que només aconsegueix el català 😉

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