“The Gypsy Tales” animation cartoon series from the perspective of Romani artists – A worthy project

These are very well made animation short movies created by Romani people from traditional Rromane Paramicha (Romani folktales). All of this project is really excellent; the only issue, in my opinion, is the lack of a Romani version of the stories (they are told in Hungarian -with English subtitles.)
Anyway they are an accomplished, most worthy iniative, which I heartily celebrate.


Written by Anna Orosz

Representing Roma culture with animation is the newest innovation of sharing traditions. The story of Gypsy Tales cartoon series started in 2013 at the Kecskemétfilm Studio with the direction of Mária Horváth, who wanted to share the Roma folk traditions and show the Roma cultural values. From a post-colonialist perspective, the producer and director purpose was to collect authentic folk tales, and involve Roma artists in the working process. This innovation allows the Roma artists to represent their folk heritage, and to illustrate their tradition with their contemporary art through their knowledge, tales, drawings, paintings, and music. p1The story of Gypsy Tales (2013) cartoon series compromises three episodes; The Gypsy Woman and the Devil (2014), Kalo (2015), and Doja, the Gypsy Fairy (2015). For the realization of the three animated short movies the director cooperated with the same Roma artists; Magda Szécsi writer, illustrator, Teréz Orsós…

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