May I have a blue-and-white stuffed tiger…?

… To my eyes, yes. I actually have one -and a big one, by the way.

In fact, I got my black and white, Siberian tiger years ago, and I did it not long after having read a mind-blowing comic strip of Calvin & Hobbes, in which Calvin’s dad tells him how the world was all black-and-white before the 1930’s. This had not at all a causal relationship with my election, but sometimes I wondered if my tiger (Shuk) was seventy or more years old and had somehow eluded the general switch to colour in his youth…

Anyway, being the world a complicated place indeed, and whenever I feel this fact getting on my nerves, I go to take a nap with my tiger (not in a tree!) and wait for dinner.

I wish also to say that murro shagarutno (my tiger) has Shuk as a name because he is a very handsome tiger (shukar means beautiful in my Rromani chib). The reason why I depict it here, and sometimes see it -like I see myself-, blue-and-white might be the matter for another post.

Once explained all this, at the time of showing this strip by dear Bill Watterson (a coloured Sunday pane from September the 12th, 1989), I feel like doing it in black-and-white… but even better in reversed colours; so, Hobbes appears quite similar to my Shuk, and Calvin itself more like a child of my own kindred -I wish I did so as well… (Calvin’s dad looks a bit like a gangster, with these ‘sun glasses’, but for that matter he talks here like a gangster too…)

After Bill Watterson (12-September 1989)

This is the original pane (in its original colours 🙂 :

Bill Watterson (12-September 1989)


Watterson is just great, isn’t he? … While I’m going to take a nap, I wish a very nice summer season to everybody! — Your Ari ❤


One thought on “May I have a blue-and-white stuffed tiger…?

  1. To anybody interested (or puzzled by some reference in the text), this is a draft by my sis from last week of July 2016. She did not publish it then, and later on she couldn’t at all. I guess she would have done it had she got better.
    (All my love, darling!)

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