‘Sun Bath’ by Martin Lewis – as never seen before

As an appropriate follow-up of my recent post on Martin Lewis in my own blog: INVISIBLE FORMS, I show here what my sister Ari did with one the best engravings by this artist: Sun Bath; a work that she absolutely loved in every aspect… except for one of the two figures illustrated in it. So, she erased that figure in order to print for herself a copy of the beautiful art work with the (now, at last) solitary lying girl sunbathing on the rooftop.

I realize that that her edition is not perfect -very probably not finished yet-; however it is good enough to show publicly here in her blog. Being SOMETHING BEYOND the blog’s name, it seems really right to display a well-known art work along with Ariel’s personal view of it, including what she saw through and beyond the stout, massive body of the lady sat down on the chair -presenting her back and bottom to the sun and most likely just watching over the young woman there… (Even though she looks very pretty, I certainly guess that nobody would have ever approached her while she had such kind of giant bulldog at her side… Ariel kindly gave her a fair opportunity after the ‘photoshopping’ task she did.)

By Linus Fontrodona

[Edition of “Sun Bath” by Martin Lewis made by Ari Fontrodona sometime during 2015 with Adobe Photoshop -a work in progress and never finished]

Sun Bath II (Ari Fontrodona’s edition of M. Lewis litograph, 1935 – plate: 25.7 x 34 cm)

Sun Bath (1935, lithograph – plate 25.7 x 34 cm)

If some of you wish to watch more extraordinary works by Martin Lewis (unedited…), you may find a few ones following the link above and also here down:



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