It’s a Magical World indeed

 [This is a posthumous post -as every other one published here by Arishej after August 13th, 2016-. It was published, almost exactly a year ago: 31st december 2015, on a social network, as a New Year’s greeting . It’s well worth a re-posting now when we are close to begin a new year.]

There is a Zen teaching which says that when you are discouraged, the best you can do is to encourage others.
So, accept please my best wishes and also this beautiful very last comic strip of Calvin & Hobbes (31st December 1995), by Bill Watterson, that expresses hope and “joie de vivre” in a masterly way.
I was eighteen -and down in the bottom of a deep well- when this cartoon reached my hands, and it caused me a great impression. Somehow, it helped me to react, and to trust again in myself and in people on this world. For me it was like a present of fate.
Of course, it will be a different thing for each of you, but anyway it won’t be a bad one 🙂

Have a Happy and Peaceful New Year!  Hugs!

Ari Fontrodona – Arishej



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