Stately walking down a tree, like an elf

It’s not Lothlórien, of course, and these are not Mellyrn-trees, and the model is not Galadriel, but this is a photo without tricks or hoax; the girl elvishly walked down the trunk, barefoot, in part with the aid of a flexible branch that she was handling. When I shot her here, she was some 2.70 metres above the ground, and from this point on she really walked down gracefully without any more support.

The picture was taken in normal earthly colours -with a rather veteran camera- but I present two different mods here in a better rendering to my taste. I’ve also cropped the upper half (a little more than a half) off the original frame to fit better my aesthetic purpose.

I shot two more pictures from this instant on, but they resulted a little blurred and less interesting than this one, which I post in different ways, under different lights; the second -the “nightly” one- is also a little bigger in size, and my favourite:




[Photography by LiF, 2011 – camera Sony DSC-F828 – edition by LiF, 2016]

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