A hearted apology to Wim Wenders

(Referred to the previous post about “Der Himmel über Berlin„, published yesterday, 24 December, on this blog. -Here- )

When editing and summarizing my sister’s notes about the film “Der Himmel über Berlin„, I misunderstood (in fact, missed to read) a couple of lines and attributed to the director, Wim Wenders, a harsh judgment that my sister was addressing to the screenwriter instead (Peter Handke -an Austrian novelist, playwright, political activist and defender of Slobodan Milošević…)

So I apologize very deeply for my mistake to anybody who could have read that post before my correction; to my sister Ariel too and, most especially, to Wim Wenders -to whom I wish all the best and pay my humble and due respects!

Li Fontrodona

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