Beautiful legs and feet – like a heart

It is common to figure a symbolic heart with the fingers of both hands, but not as common to do it with the legs -and not as easy either, if they are very long and straight, like Ari’s. But here is a double try… (Notice that the feet are supposed to figure a smaller heart too. A third one might be suggested by her panties…)

On the sand, there is a pair of jeans; originally greyish blue, but light brown after the first edition.



Here down is a differently modified pair in “burning coal” and ember-like hues:


[Photographs and edition by me. Model: Arishej, or Ari F (this very blog’s owner) – Cap de Tordera, El Maresme, Catalunya, 2011]

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful legs and feet – like a heart

    1. This is extremely nice of you, and I’m certain it reached Ariel at once and gave her a thrill of joy.
      May she give you back some appropriate answer, John ! Some glow or kiss in your heart . (Or maybe help you to find the true great love you’re needing and waiting for . So I wish.)

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