Watching the clouds drift by…

Posted by Ari Fontrodona on G+ on 4th Februray 2016, almost eight months ago; re-posted now here, posthumously, by Li Fontrodona -along with some comments (in this same violet colour – Ari’s post is in grey).

Yesterday, in a volume of my “Complete Peanuts” collection, I found this Sunday pane which made me recall some wonderful summer afternoons spent in the countryside with my brother and a best friend of us, when we were teenagers. We liked to watch the clouds drift by, while lying on the ground, and to describe what we were seeing in them.
I feel a great -and growing – nostalgia of those times, which will never come back, so I post this cartoon here as a loving homage to my companions (one of them already gone -Laia B.-, the other thankfully still close to me).
So, here’s to you, my dear Li ! You surely remember very well who of us used to make this same kind of astonishing descriptions :))

Peanuts, 14th August, 1960, by Charles Schulz

[I must add that I appreciated very much her words to me and the remembrance itself. About the descriptions that she mentioned, let me say I was not the only one who saw odd things (like the other Linus there in the strip). Most certainly, it was not Ari who played the role of Charlie Brown in real life… One day she said that she was seeing Captain Nemo fighting the Kraken with a Malayan kris and some kind of multi-barrelled laser gun -or a paralysing ray gun, as she corrected me when I recalled that detail to her-.

Those times will never come back, indeed… Two of those three teens (the two girls) are gone nowadays -I’m the only one left. Since yesterday was the Day of the Dead (All Saints Day in the USA; ‘Diada de Tots Sants’, here in Catalunya) I spent a long while scrolling down Ari’s page on G+, looking for something special among her old posts , some kind of message… I found this one, and I could only cry when re-reading Ari’s words.
I know that the next time I come out to watch the clouds, whatever the forms they have, I will see her looking at me.

God bless her and care a lot for her!]

If somebody among her few friends here want to entertain themselves a while, I’ve also found the following picture, saved among her archives as “A whole world in the clouds”… and I can see Ariel in it after some magnification of the image. I’ve seen Captain Nemo, the Kraken and many other odd things too…:






4 thoughts on “Watching the clouds drift by…

  1. It’s interesting how the upper and lower pictures can morph into and out of each other. The cartoon is an interesting portrayal of the differences of simpleness or sophistication in creative imagination and a reflection of personal culture. Above all it is a beautiful revelation of life in it’s moments of pure innocence. Thank you so much for sharing this brother !

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    1. It’s weird what you rightly point out about the pics… I’ve chosen the first very deliberately , after a long search on the web, just to fit the post , but the second has chosen “itself” since it was kept in Ariel’s archive “to post on G+” and I have liked it a first sight… Yes , both are similar and very much related . I really love these coincidences 🙂
      Thanks a lot for being here again, making me feel a bit less of a psychopath .


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