After her funeral, the darkness of God


Thomas S. Eliot in Catalan (I) – Translated by Ari Fontrodona

Fifty days, today, after losing her I keep on finding portions of her favourite poems translated to Catalan in her notebooks and on loose sheets of paper inside the books, or in archives in her computer. And as much as the poems themselves are excellent, her translations are excellent. So good and fitting and accurate, that it is a pity they have not been published. Hence, I am posting some of them here and also on her personal blog, posthumously.

Thomas Stearns Eliot was one of Ari’s most loved authors, and “Four Quartets” (1943) her preferred book by him; one of the very few that she was always reading and re-reading, and that carried with her whenever she went.

Here there is a passage of “East Coker” [verses 110-133], of sombre power and a desolate –and sometimes, upsetting–…

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5 thoughts on “After her funeral, the darkness of God

  1. Dark or Shinning, may He bless you, sweetie!
    … “So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing”.
    (I hope you will approve my edition and the small changes I have made in your work.)


  2. Again, I find myself short on words, and long on feeling, gazing beyond the beauty of your face in it’s earthly colors into the infinite breadth of you smile and depth of your eyes into the heart of your soul.
    God bless you in Joy and bath you in The Light Ariti My Love!:)

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  3. Thanks dearly for coming here and bringing here your love to her , John . I’m doing just the same not to leave nothing from her abandoned or forgotten. Also , I guess that her memories keep me alive now


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