True Colours of Her (I)

[This is a reshared post, and since the original one has been changed and corrected, the excerpt shown below does not correspond to the source. The links are valid and work well, anyway -Li Fontrodona, 24-10-2016]




Le Rjatáki Phakali – La Fada de la Nit – The Nightly Fairy

At noon, in the forest, near a river-bank, a Rromani girl says:

‘White birch tree, stand behind me –
So I feel myself protected.’

The birch is there; the bigger among many. The girl puts her skirt off, her shirt off, and says: 

‘Lovely boy, stand before me, look at me –
So I feel myself desired –

She says:

‘… Come to me, take me –
So I have my wish fulfilled.’

She is alone. Nobody comes for a long time, but the bird of the Rroma is always watching a Rromni;  hidden among the trees, it waits and sees while she lays on the sandy ground and begins to touch herself and play. After some time, she gets satisfaction and soon falls slept.

That ‘sumnali chirikli’ -a sacred bird- will wait quitley while the…

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