For my little firefly’s sake: many thanks and some tulips to her true friends!

By Li Fontrodona

Six tulips (I guess they are tulips): one for each of the six persons who have commented at least once here, on my late sis’s blog, during its ten months of existence, while she was here to look and count. She felt a bit disappointed for her scarce online success in spite of her considerable effort, her poetic talent, great kindness displayed, and much time spared, and in spite of having posted links to her WP posts on social networks for her friends and acquaintances to follow… and, last but not least, in spite of having mailed links privately to some peers.

My understanding of this is twofold: 1/ she did not belong to this foolish online world; 2/ she stated her transgender condition at the very header of the blog –even showing the trans-pride flag.

What about the dozens of LGBTQI people she had met online and was following and relating with, then?… The explanation -which she probably guessed, but I didn’t find for a long while- has struck me clearly these last weeks, when contacting some of these people to inform of Ari’s passing: trans-people do not use to like much other trans-people (especially if they do not look like being trans-)… most LGB people clearly dislike trans people (however they look)… QI people are as marginal and lonely as my sis was, and transgender and gender-variant people in general are; but the few of them that I know are extremely self-centred and/or conceited, as well as marginal…, and that’s it.

To summarize: none of them has ever liked or commented a single one of Ari’s poems, translations or memorial posts. So no flowers for any of you, LGTBQI people; and as far as I’m concerned, allez vous faire voire; or to say it -more rudely- in Ari’s (and mine) mother tongue, Catalan: “aneu-vos-en a fer punyetes”.

No. The girl in the pic is neither Ari-Arishej nor any friend of her, but whoever it is, has red hair and grey eyes and wears a short braid with a blue lace, all of which would have made Ari like her much and, very probably, think that she looked like Pippi Langstrumpf –who was one of her childhood’s heroines-. So I’ve chosen this fake “Pippi” to hand the tulips to Ari’s commentators (as a matter of fact, two of them are just me, so poor Ariel had really only four persons aside of the family who thought that her posts were worth the time to write some words about them.)

Many thanks to you all, dear Ari’s friends!


PS. Today is three weeks and three days since Ari went away from this underworld to a higher one. I miss her terribly, but I’m also very glad that she is -generally speaking- in much better company now. Zha Devlesa, murri kamli!




8 thoughts on “For my little firefly’s sake: many thanks and some tulips to her true friends!

  1. Thank you Linus……It will always be a blessing to be included in her circle…..and I love seeing the profile pictures of her, I hadn’t seen many of them before…..beautiful indeed…….God bless, my friend.

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    1. You’re very welcome, JohnM ! As you cared much for her and liked to talk with her , you’ll always belong to her ‘circle’. I’ll be posting flowers and remembrance posts here from time to time to homage her memory ; probably some more photos and personal writings and drawings too ( she loved to draw and paint and did it rather well ; sometimes very well 🙂

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  2. Thank you dear Li! It is a self evident statement on what has become of this self righteous, judgmental, cold-hearted so called humanity that you should even have to write these words.
    God bless you brother, and my dear Ariti!

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