Ka merav pala tute – Moriré per tu – I will die for you

This is one of my favourite poems from “Dukh” (Pain), by Hedina Tahirović, 2007.

Beyond its intrinsic literary merit, the book is also a milestone: the first collection of poems ever witten in Gurbet Rromani (Gurbetcko Rromano).

Besides helping to divulgate it, my aim is to provide a translation into Catalan, which is my other native language -and also a relatively minoritary one, as Rromani is-. In fact, as far as I know, Catalan is the second language to which these poems have been translated, and I feel rather proud of it. (I just hope to have sufficient time left to complete the task.)

For an introductory explanation and a concise biographical note about the author, please follow this link.

[PS. by Linus Fontrodona: This is the last complete poem from H. Tahirović’s book that Ariel translated -just a few days before passing away after an unforgiving illness; maybe it’s not entirely coincidental that she chose these poems about love, suffering and death to work with while dying herself (but at the same time, being very much in love and hoping desperately to heal, so she could marry her fiancé)-. Nevertheless, she left a notebook with quite a few additional drafts and half-translated poems, which I will try to complete for her sake (and in fact, there might be very scarce people left -if anyone aside of me- who are proficient enough in both Gurbeti Romani and Catalan, and thus capable to do this particular work…).]

Ka Merav Pala Tute

O kham kana tatarel, jal brshind kana perel

E chirikli kana chichirel, jal o balval kana phurdel

Kana hasajvav, jal kana rovav

Me hacharav tut. Me mangav tut.


A tu,

Tu phiraves pasha mande,

Na dikhes man,

Na manges man.

Te marel ma o Del! Me ka phandav tut.

E efta lancurjenca ka phendav tut.

E efta kavchina e mrne ratestar ka chudav

Pe phuvjache kaj phiraves tut.

Te marel ma o Del! Te ka bendjarav tut.

Ako ka cherav o bendjalipe

Ako na aves mansa

Ka thovav tuche zor ande mi jagehchi thuv.

Av kate, av mansa, sov pasha mande

Mo bendjalo kamipe.

Te marel ma o Del! Ka merav pala tute.

Moriré Per Tu

Quan el sol lluu o quan cau la pluja,

Quan els ocells piulen o rebufa el vent,

Quan ric o quan ploro,

Jo et sento. Jo et vull.


Però tu,

Tu passes vora meu

I no em veus,

I no em vols.

Que Déu se m’endugui! Però jo et lligaré a mi.

Et fermaré amb set cadenats.

Aspergiré amb set gotes de la meva sang

el terra per on camines.

Que Déu se m’endugui! Però t’embruixaré.

Si et llanço un conjur d’amor,

I tot i així, no vens a mi,

Afogaré les teves forces amb el fum del meu foc.

Vine aquí, vine a mi, dorm amb mi,

Amor meu endimoniat.

Que Déu em mati! Que jo moriré per tu.

[Traduït per Ari Fontrodona, 2016]

I Will Die For You

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling,

Whether the birds are twittering or the wind is blowing,

Whether I am laughing or crying,

I sense you – I want you.


But you,

You walk by my side,

And you don’t see me,

You don’t want me.

God strike me dead! But I will bind you to me.

With seven chains, I will tie you.

Seven drops of my blood I will spill

Upon the ground you trod.

God strike me dead! But I shall bewitch you.

I will cast a love spell,

And if you don’t come to me anyway,

I will draw your strength into the smoke of my fire.

Come here, come to me, sleep with me,

My wicked love.

May God strike me death! I will die for you.

[Translation by Hedina Tahirović, partly remade by L. Fontrodona]

Light and love are  outside (1) INV
Image from “Der Himmel Über Berlin” by Wim Wenders (with reversed colours) (*)

(*) The header image belongs to the same film -“Der Himmel Über Berlin”, 1987  (a title changed to “Wings of Desire” for the English version).



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